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Valorant Gets Green Signal for Coming Back to China

It was revealed today that Riot Games’ VALORANT would be playable in China by the country’s National Press and Publication Administration.

The video game regulatory board in China has cleared VALORANT, along with five other titles developed by Riot Games’ parent company Tencent.

The game was previously only accessible via a VPN connection to the game’s Hong Kong servers. Despite the limitations, many professional teams like EDward Gaming, who competed at Champions earlier this year, were able to find success.

This past August, China temporarily suspended video game licenses, which had a negative impact on the country’s video game business.

Edward Gaming, a professional squad from China, has shown its mettle by dominating the VCT Asian LCQs (Last Chance Qualifiers). Assuming there is significant interest among Chinese gamers in the game’s reintroduction, Riot Games will likely make an attempt to advertise it.

Even though Riot’s shooter made it onto the list of 45 games that were given the green light, it wasn’t alone. A list of games that have been formally approved has been published, and it includes games like Gwent: 

The Chinese government had already restricted the number of time children and teenagers may spend playing video games even before the ban was enacted.

According to a November CNBC story, CNG and the China Game Industry Group Committee praised the stringent limits for reducing children’s video game time in China.

The game’s 27 servers in China have made the game accessible to millions of gamers in China, a big market for video game firms. After the rule change, gamers won’t need a VPN to connect to their private servers, although this is still up in the air.

The Witcher Card Game and Pokémon Unite. Riot’s shooter is anticipated to re-establish a sustainable revenue stream in the Chinese market. The Chinese community values professional activity even without the addition of external trappings like makeup.

The publishing of video games is a significant source of income for Chinese technology businesses. The video game business generally sees consistent earnings, whether it focuses on domestically made games or those from elsewhere. 

Chinese players have been resting up for the New Year, but now is the time to get back into the game. By far the most exciting development for the Chinese Valorant community this year has been the game’s relaunch.

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