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Andrew Tate calls Twitch streamers “clowns”

Andrew Tate has been one of the most controversial online personalities of the year and is perceived as a morally challenged person by the masses. Many influential personalities have spoken up against him and he did not hold back when speaking against them.

Many Twitch streamer including xQc has publicly criticized him for his behavior which many has perceived to be immoral but Tate who is the self-proclaimed “Top G” finds nothing wrong in his actions. There are countless times when he has gotten into verbal altercations with some of the big names and things sometimes came down to boxing fights.

“These kids aren’t supposed to have this much money,” he said. “They’re dumbasses. They’re children. Before the internet the idea that you could become a self-made millionaire at 21 was absolutely impossible, no one would even take you seriously in a business meeting. It couldn’t be done.

“Now it can be done. So you’re giving all these kids money and clout and attention, what do you think they’re doing with it? Dumb sh*t, gambling, drugs, buying girls presents, hanging around with h**s, stupid sh*t. They’re literally lost, their souls are lost, and their hearts and minds are lost. They don’t have any experience.”

Andrew Tate continued: “They’re f**king clowns, all of them. Every single person I’ve ever spoken to on Twitch without exception is a f**king clown. None of them are serious people.”

While he did not mention any individuals but it is clear that xQc is one of his targets given the Canadian streamer has publicly criticized him on multiple occasions which for obvious reasons does not sit right with Tate which led to him calling the likes of xc “stupid” and “clowns”.

This action has enough room to call for another controversy and at this point, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it. While we await when Tate gets back in the ring with some of the prominent names, Tate finds himself on the brink of another online controversy.

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