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How To Get The Secret UFO Tattoo In GTA Online?

For the many things that Rockstar introduced in GTA during the winter season, the hype around the game gets rejuvenated. During the end of the year, we see a lot of Grand Theft Auto updates, most importantly the heist, which has been something that players look forward to every year.

The heist is at the center of all the updates that follow most of which are winter and Christmas-oriented. All of it is mostly packed into the DLC which is called Los Santos Drug Wars for the year 2022. Off the several things that come as a part of the pack in these DLCs, collectibles are something that everyone looks forward to. The secret UFO tattoo in GTA Online has garnered a lot of attention and in this article, we explore how players can get it.

Getting the UFO Tattoo in GTA Online is not easy and no one will be surprised if players give up midway given how boring and time-consuming the process is. First, make sure you have collected a Gunrunning Bunker upon which you must complete 600 resupply missions and once you have completed it, do another resupply mission between 9 and 11 PM in-game time.

Once you do it, the game will reward you with an alien egg. Go to a bar once you have the egg between 1 and 4 AM in-game time and order Macbeth Whiskey shots. Do note, it won’t work unless it is raining or snowing. Keep drinking until you pass out, and if everything is done correctly Mount Chiliad with a brand new tattoo on your back.

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