How to Complete Agile Perk Task in COD Mobile

The Agile perk task marks the start of Elite Marksman seasonal event. Follow these simple steps to complete the task.

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COD: Mobile is a portable version of Call of Duty which the franchise enthusiasts can play on the go. A simple and easy game allows the users to experience the thrilling experience of playing COD on a mobile phone. A big update added multiple features and events to COD Mobile.

Players have to complete some tasks to earn rewards respectively but some players are facing difficulties while completing Agile perk in COD Mobile.

Activision always provides its community with rich content and to mark their anniversary, the scale of events has been increased. This time, the featured, seasonal and daily task rewards are increased and hence players are finding ways to complete each and every task.

The Agile perk task requires players to kill their opponents by equipping the mentioned perk. It is a no-brainer to kill the enemies but the tricky part is to assign the perks correctly. This task marks the beginning of the Elite Marksman event and is very crucial for players trying to complete it.

Elite Marksman event details:

Players have to complete the following list of tasks to earn the final reward. Rewards are offered at each step of completion and the final reward is the new NA-45 sniper rifle along with tons of battle pass experience points.

  • Kill 10 enemies with Agile perk equipped
  • Kill 5 enemies with a sniper rifle
  • Earn long shot medal five times
  • Kill 15 enemies with a sniper rifle equipped with 2 attachments.
  • Kill 20 enemies with a sniper rifle equipped with 5 attachments
  • Kill 20 enemies with an Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with laser attachment
  • Kill 20 enemies with an Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with an optic attachment
  • Kill 20 enemies with an Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with four attachments

How to complete Agile perk task in COD Mobile

Steps to complete Agile Perk tasks are very simple and the task can be completed within a single match. The only tricky part is to assign the perks correctly and once you do so, it is just about killing your enemies. Here is how to complete the task:

  • Launch Call of Duty: Mobile and select the loadout column.
  • Select any weapon of your choice and we recommend you choose an SMG.
  • Below the Perk section, tap on the column which has flashy reddish cards on display.
  • Select Agile Perk from that section and save the loadout.
  • Enter multiplayer matches, like deathmatch, and mostly play maps like Nuketown which has more close-quarters combats.
  • Use that gun to destroy your enemies and make sure to secure 10 kills in a match.
  • After finishing the match, your task will be completed.

This is the method to equip Agile perk and dominate your enemies. We recommend to take an SMG like PDW with Agile Perk and extended magazine and play Nuketown. Use the slide-jump mechanism and surprise your enemies and land some swift kills.

After completing your match by dominating the opponents, you can savor the sweet taste of victory by visiting the Seasonal events tab and collecting the rewards which will be awarded after you complete this task. We wish you good luck.

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