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Call of Duty: Mobile has been developed as a blend of all the Call of Duty franchise games. As a result, the game offers almost every menu that is available in the previous editions, including the infamous nuke strikes. The game has an insane pool of weapons, utilities, skills, and scorestreaks to sustain you through personalized combinations or load-outs in each match but nuke takes it all to the next level.

Nuke is an ability that once unlocked, can wipe every single enemy on the map in Call of Duty: Mobile. It sounds very alluring but is equally difficult to get your hands on. Nuke potentially wins the games and finishes the job in style. So the question is, how to activate a nuke strike.

Activating nuke requires two steps, both of them are equally important but the difficulty level is strikingly opposite. The first step is very easy and almost everybody has already completed it but the second step is where things start to get more interesting. Here are the two steps required to activate the nuke bomb:

  • Step One: Make sure your account has reached Level 20.
  • Step Two: Maintain a kill streak of 20 kills without dying to activate the nuke.

The first step is a piece of cake for everybody. Those who have been playing for a long time don’t need to even look at their account level as it already must be above 20. The game requires you to be at least a level 8 to be able to enter a ranked matchmaking lobby. So, if you have played the game at least for fifteen days, you are good to go.

The second step is where things get tricky. You have to maintain a kills streak of 20 to be able to activate the nuke. While it may sound easy and is fairly easy in the mobile version than any other COD PC version, it’s not a piece of cake. You have to be completely accurate with your aim and positioning. If you get trapped in a situation where you can’t come out alive, you can forget about activating the nuke strike.

Credits: Activision

We recommend you plan your kills with respect to each map, hold some positions, and move as soon as you get the kills. Use your scorestreak to rack up even more kills. Use perfect weapons according to your maps to have even a slight upper hand and aim perfectly onto your enemies. After you get a 20 kill streak, you will directly see a pop-up to activate the nuke. Once you click on it, a briefcase computer will be opened, and at the end of which, the entire map will be nuked obliterating all the enemies on that map.

Credits: Activision

The nuke bomb works differently in Call of Duty: Mobile. Once used, the enemies would be killed and the match was won on PC but in its mobile version, it only kills the enemies, giving you five kills. It is still annoying to get nuked so be ready to dominate your opponents by nuking them, following the steps given above.

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