COD Mobile represents Call of Duty in the mobile gaming industry. The game has enjoyed popularity right from the start and is beloved by the gaming community. COD Mobile reached one year landmark since embarking on its journey and to celebrate it, they introduced a variety of events. Earning Long Shot Medal five times in COD Mobile is one of the missions in the event. The mission is fairly hard to do but here is a simple method to workaround the task pretty easily.

The events started with Anniversary event and includes several seasonal and featured among which, the Elite Marksman is quite famous. The event will be available for the entire season and players have to complete some missions to earn a sniper rifle at the end.

Elite Marksman Event Details:

Players who take part in this event have to complete eight tasks with different difficulty levels. Those who successfully complete all the tasks will be awarded with NA-45 sniper rifle and battlepass experience. Here is the list of missions that you have to complete to earn the rifle:

  • Kill 10 enemies with Agile perk equipped
  • Kill 5 enemies with sniper rifle
  • Earn long shot medal five times
  • Kill 15 enemies with sniper rifle equipped with 2 attachments.
  • Kill 20 enemies with sniper rifle equipped with 5 attachments
  • Kill 20 enemies with Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with laser attachment
  • Kill 20 enemies with Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with optic attachment
  • Kill 20 enemies with Outlaw sniper rifle equipped with four attachments

How to earn Long Shot Medal Five times in COD Mobile:

Players can earn long shot by killing enemies with snipers but there is a way to earn it via AR guns. Follow the simple steps to earn long shot medal without using sniper rifles.

  • Launch Call of Duty: Mobile and go to loadout options.
  • Select any loadout and change the gun to AR of your choice. Select M4 for best results.
  • Tap on customise and go to perks option. Select long shot perk.
  • Add attachments that improve stability and attach a better scope like 2× or 3× sight.
  • Enter map like Crossfire and go to a position that can grant long range kills.
  • Kill five enemies with that AR and your task will be completed.

This is the simplest method to complete the long shot medal task in COD Mobile. It can be hard for players, who donot regularly use snipers, to complete this task but by using the method mentioned above, you can complete the mission and subsequently earn NA 45 Sniper Rifle very easily.

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