What is SkRossi’s best performing agent?

skrossi valorant

Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar is arguably one of the best players in the South Asian region and was even crowned the MVP of VCC India Qualifiers #2 as Global Esports beat XO in straight maps to win the best-of-five and qualify for the VCC South Asia Main Event.

As a duelist, SkRossi reigned supreme in VCC India Qualifiers, with an average of 1.42 rating over 12 maps in Qualifier #1 and an average of 1.70 rating over 11 maps in Qualifier #2.

SKRossi is primarily a duelist and mains the Jett, playing the Korean Blade-wielder 205 times according to spike.gg, with a pick rate of 90.7%. Other duelists like Reyna (7) and Raze (5) have been sporadically picked by the player, with Sage (4) also a niche pick.

However, Jett is the agent he excels at, boasting an ACS of 290.6 in 141 matches recorded on vlr.gg, with an average of at least a kill every round (1 KPR). Even in VCC Qualifiers #2, SkRossi wielded the Jett and Jett only from Round of 16 onwards, helping Global book their slot in the VCC South Asia Main Event.

Now, it will be interesting to see how his Jett matches up against other top South Asian players and ultimately, the best of the best.