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Velocity Gaming decimate Exceeli in Group A opener of VCC Grand Finals Playoffs

The Indian side were successful in converting their momentum from Breeze to closing out the series on Bind.

Match details :

  • Valorant Conquerors Championship.
  • Velocity Gaming (India) Vs Exceeli Esports (Bangladesh)
  • Time : 14:00 IST
  • Format : Best of 3 Online

Map veto :

  1. Velocity Gaming ban Ascent
  2. XLE ban Split
  3. Velocity Gaming pick Breeze
  4. XLE pick Bind
  5. Velocity picked Icebox

Map 1: Breeze (Picked and Won by: Velocity Gaming, Final Score: 13:3)

Velocity Gaming turned up in a terrifying form on their map pick, Breeze. Anuj “Amaterasu” Sharma and Co dominated on their defence as they built a 7-1 lead with Exceeli Esports struggling to adapt as they kept giving up early openings to their opponents.

Individual heroics from Vibhor “Vibhor” Vaid who aced out the 8th round along with Amaterasu running away with 24 kills of his own laid the foundation for Velocity Gaming, one of the teams representing India in the contention to secure a spot at the APAC Qualifier.

Like in any other instance, XLE were unable to get on the right foot as they merely showed flashes of potential, the ones only to be denied by the Indian side. No sooner than that, VLT had the final laugh as they secured their map pick over a successful B-site hit.

Map 2: Bind (Pick: Exceeli. Won by: Velocity Gaming, Final score: 13-8)

Exceeli came from the break looking the livelier of the two sides on their map pick Bind, as they quickly charged up with a 4-1 lead on their offense thanks to a combined effort from Kyojin and Tahsin “M1SYL” Ashrafee which indeed crippled VLT’s reinforcements across the map.

With no room for error, Velocity Gaming soon found themselves in a commanding lead after Vibhor with his Judge was able to hold off his opponents from entering the B-site. The first half went into the favour of VLT despite the fact that XLE actually managed to showcase a better showing when compared to the first half of Breeze.

The second half saw Sagnik “Hellff” Roy go berserk alongside Mohit “mw1” Wakle where they were both spotted opening up the B-site for the Spike business. Tejas “rite2ace” Sawant had his own share in the 17th round after a post plant defence to win it for his team.

With Kyojin and his men looking destitute and listless, Bind saw a closely contested second half go to shambles as Velocity gaming simply out-aimed and out-gunned XLE, securing the series 2-0.

Velocity Gaming now awaits the winners of the Crash Landin on You Vs Team Exploit matchup while Exceeli Esports now face Elimination.

Watch The Livestreams Here:

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