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12 Minutes Groundhog achievement guide


To get the Groundhog achievement in 12 Minutes, you need to, as the portrayal recommends, have an ideal loop where everything goes right. Note that this must be done after you have gotten Bumblebee’s number and persuaded the cop of your wife’s innocence.

When starting a new loop, call Bumblebee from your wife’s phone. Choose “Tell her why her father is really doing this.” in the first conversation. When she says she will call her dad, walk out into the living room and your wife will tell you about the dessert. Pick up the mugs near the couch and fill both of them up with water at the sink, then open the fridge and grab both dessert plates.

Tell your wife about the desert and when she walks into the bedroom put down both dessert plates and mugs filled with water on the table and wait for her to return. Make sure to not begin eating the dessert too early. Following her return, she will then walk to turn off the lights and come back to sit down at the table and enjoy dinner with her.

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Following the dinner, your wife shares the news of her pregnancy. When she asks how you are feeling, say, “It’s going to be great.” She will kiss you and ask for a dance. Choose, “With pleasure.”

During the dance, you will hear the cop approaching your door, but before he begins knocking, Bumblebee will call him. She will ask him to come home which will lead to him canceling his plans.

Wait for the dance to complete and choose “Tell her how much you love her.” She will invite you into the bedroom upon which you start a new loop and unlock the Groundhog achievement.

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