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Things to know for esports athletes before entering the competitive world

Many players who dabble in esports think that they have what it takes to enter the competitive world when things could not actually be further from the truth. Entering the competitive world is likely to be very difficult, and a player who wants to do so will face an uphill battle.

Training and Discipline

Anyone who thinks that being a competitive player means that they can sit around and play their favorite games all day will be sorely mistaken. While knowledge of the game is key, and skills and strategy will need to be worked on, discipline across multiple areas of a player’s life will be very important.

Many of the top players have regimes comparable to other athletes and sports players. They have gym routines and certain diets to follow, and they certainly do not spend all day playing their chosen games. Anyone who wants to head to a more competitive level of play will need to become far more disciplined in their everyday life. While a complete change to diet and exercise might only be required if joining a professional team, making some changes could help with a player’s health and wellbeing overall.


Many of the top competitive eSports are team games. Rather than play with random players, teams have developed. These allow people to foster their own role within the game and learn how to best take on situations as a team, leaning on each other in the pursuit of success.

Keeping track of the top teams through sites like NetBet Sport and the tournament channels will introduce a player to them and how they play. There might even be a team that a player strives to join, so following them and studying how they play could deliver some great insight for them.

Try Multiple Games

Though there might be one title that a player is focused on, there are several that they should also try. The world of competitive esports is vast, and contains titles across multiple genres. Though a player might have started off by playing a game like CS: GO, there are so many other titles that they could also try.

By exploring multiple games, a player might even find that they vastly prefer one game over another. It is not uncommon to find the top pros playing several games. Though they have one game that they might mainly play in for tournaments, it is not uncommon to find them trying out other titles and even streaming their solo efforts on platforms like Twitch.

Can you make it in the world of competitive esports gaming? Of course, the vast majority of players have worked their way up from casual players to where they are today. However, many who do try to enter the competitive world vastly underestimate the work that it will take to be able to rise successfully. Anyone who decides to dive into the world of competitive esports should be prepared to work hard if they want to begin to climb towards a pro title.

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