Twitchcon 2022: Jidion Replies To Tommyinnit’s Claims That He Harassed Fans

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Twitchcon 2022 had been quite fun for many with popular streamers appearing and fans having the chance to meet their favorite streamers IRL. While the event in Amsterdam ended earlier this month, the controversies surrounding Twitchcon have now started unfolding. 

While many fans were elated to meet their favorite streamers like Pokimane, some fans claimed that they had been harassed by former Twitch partner JiDion while waiting to meet TommyInnit.

TommyInnit is a popular British Minecraft streamer who recently called out JiDion in a recent livestream where he talked about the harassment that he and his fans had faced. While TommyInnit did not name any streamer while speaking about the incident, people were able to link the incident to JiDion. 

However, now, JiDion has replied to these claims, and his response has left many people questioning the whole incident. 

During his recent livestream, JiDion sat down with his fans to watch the video where TommyInnit spoke about the harassment incident and shared his take on the same. In his video, JiDion said:

“Nobody knows! That’s the beauty of this whole situation. Nobody knows what happened except for me and the so-called victims in the situation. That’s the beauty of this whole situation. Nobody knows what happened, but everybody has an opinion.”

JiDion also talked about the comments he made about female fans waiting in line to meet TommyInnit:

“Okay, I’ll address this one right here. Bro, any guy YouTuber will let you know having a female fanbase and male fanbase is literally kind of like unheard of. That’s what takes you into the upper echelon of YouTubers, right? TommyInnit had nothing but girls in his line and I literally said, ‘Wow, he has nothing but girls in his line,’ I said, ‘Good for you, Tommy,’ because bro, that is tough!”

Later he apologized for his comments and said:

 “You know what, my bad. It’s a weird comment. Bro, everybody in the chat saying ‘L Tommy,’ don’t say ‘L Tommy.’ I don’t want this to be a thing or it’s like my boys against his people. It’s not like that. He was just defending his fans, you know? I would do the same thing chat, so I don’t want to see no ‘L Tommy.

At last, JiDion claimed that TommyInnit saying that he reached out to JiDion on Twitter was not true and it was JiDion who had contacted TommyInnit via DM.

“All right, what I will say is, and if you reached out to me on Twitter, I haven’t seen anything on Twitter. He might have reached out to me on Twitter but obviously, I don’t have my Twitter but on Instagram and all my other social media, I have not gotten a message from Tommy. Tommy has not slid into my DMs, I slid into Tommy’s DMs but Tommy has not slid into my DMs.”

It isn’t the first time JiDion finds himself amid controversies. The 21-year-old had previously been banned from the streaming platform Twitch for harassing Pokimane and sending his fans to write “L+Ratio” on her chat. Since then, JiDion has apologized for the incident but hasn’t been unbanned from the platform as of yet. 

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