TommyInnit Calls Out JiDion for Alleged Harassment During TwitchCon

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Popular YouTuber and Twitch streamer Thomas “TommyInnit “ Simons has called out fellow streamer Jidon “JiDion” Adams for allegedly harassing his fans during TwitchCon 2022.

While JiDion wasn’t explicitly named by Tommy when he addressed the issue, the 18-year-old wasn’t scared of expressing his discontent at someone harassing his fans at the event.

TommyInnit talked about the harassment that he and his fans had faced in one of his recent livestreams. Even though he didn’t name JiDion in his livestream, fans of the British Minecraft YouTuber seem to be certain that he was talking about the former Twitch partner.

“I won’t have it. Don’t make fun of people for being passionate about anything, being happy,” Tommy said.

Tommy also proceeded to reassure his fans that he would reach out to JiDion and ask him to cut out the sections displaying him or his fans from the unreleased TwitchCon video.

Whether or not JiDion complies with his request still remains to be seen.

It isn’t the first time JiDion finds himself amid controversies. The 21-year-old had previously been banned from the streaming platform Twitch for harassing Pokimane and sending his fans to write “L+Ratio” on her chat. Since then, JiDion has apologized for the incident, but hasn’t been unbanned from the platform as of yet. 

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