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Pokimane Explains How She “Made” OfflineTV

If you’re familiar with the world of video game streaming, then chances are that you’re familiar with OfflineTV – an online social entertainment group of content creators based in Los Angeles, California.

OfflineTV was originally started by William “Scarra” Li and his manager Chris Chan. In a recent livestream, popular Twitch streamer Pokimane has revealed that she was one of the founding members of the group as well.

When one of her viewers asked her how she “joined” OTV, the 24-year-old responded, “You know what’s crazy? I made OTV, not on my own, but I was there at the inception so technically I didn’t really join, and I chose the name Offline TV ‘cause I wanted it to be like, you know, showcasing what we do, offline!”

She further explained how streamers would often lose popularity once players started losing interest in the video games they streamed. “The way that you counteract that is to build an audience off your personality and have them know more about you,” she said. “I wanted to be able to create content outside of gaming.”

After Pokimane moved out of the OfflineTV house back in June 2020, speculations started rising that she would be quitting the group as well. However, much to the delight of her fans, Poki clarified later that she would continue working with OfflineTV to create content despite leaving the house.

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