Mizkif’s highest earning month revealed

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Top streamers are bound to earn big numbers on Twitch given the way how the platform works. Being a big name on Twitch, Mizkif had a lot of fortune come his way and his highest-earning month is as bizarre as we would expect.

Content creators often tend to keep their earnings private and what we know about it is nothing but estimates. Big names like Mizkif often encounter questions from inquisitive fans about their earning but we rarely see anyone divulge into details. The secrecy around earnings makes it a massive point of interest among the fans and the community is often left stunned when top streamers reveal their earnings.

“In the month of April I made $500,000.” subtly flexed Mizkif.

Though he is one of the biggest names in Twitch, half a million dollars in a month is too much, even for his standards. The number speaks to the swift growth and the potential that the entertainment side of the gaming industry carries.

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