FaZe Clan Rejected MrBeast Twice, Reveals Faze Banks

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While a world where MrBeast is a part of the FaZe clan might be hard to imagine for many, it seems like that may have been the reality should things turned out differently 5 years ago. As recently revealed by FaZe Banks himself, the org missed out on Mr. Beast twice.

In a No Jumper podcast, Banks expressed his regrets about not signing MrBeast when he had the opportunity to, not once, but twice.

“I still just know that it wouldn’t have ever worked long term, when [we] originally started this CloutGang s**t, I missed on him twice,” he said. He also described it as his “biggest f**k up.”

However, Banks claimed that there are no hard feelings between them regarding it, and confirmed that they’re still in touch with each other.

The first time, MrBeast was rejected due to him not being “a gamer.” He attempted joining the clan once again once started the CloutGang, but was rejected again.

Looking at the current success of MrBeast, it might be for the best that things didn’t work out between them. MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world as of now and is renowned for his unique videos giving away stuff to people.

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