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CSGO: VAC Wave wipes cheaters with new detections

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Update: On May 17, TalkEsport reported about a popular CS:GO cheat (RatPoison) that was detected by the Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC) after it was allegedly countered by two new modules, shipped in the form of updates into the game.

Hours after the article was made live, a user of this popular cheat reached out to the author on Twitter and provided him with proof that cited the whole above situation to be a result from a false alarm. TalkEsport then chose to further investigate the matter and hence deduced, the reddit post which was earlier posted by u/AlphaSlashDash was ruled to be “fake” by the cheat developers and the redditor himself.

Our author established a contact with the team of developers of this popular hack from whom he learned that this entire situation was just a gimmick within their community and the redditor who posted the entire extract in the first place was earlier banned from their Discord. 

Over the years, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has witnessed an exponential rise in the number of cheaters and their impending wrath. The game since then has been through a rough patch when it comes to fair play. Ultimately it’s the VACnet which comes into play when it comes to eliminating these kinds by either convicting them while in-game or from the Overwatch cases.

More recently, Valve shipped a couple of updates, which were proven to be highly effective for the existing Valve Anti-Cheat (VAC).

Among these updates was a patch, sized 240 MB and it was packed with 2 new Modules, eventually busting an “unnamed popular free CSGO Cheat ” out there on the internet.

This was first reported by a Redditor u/AlphaSlashDash. As mentioned, the cheat’s name wasn’t disclosed by him but provided the community with quite an elaboration on the recent incident.

According to AlphaSlashDash, the cheat was one among the best free ones out there and was used by a plethora of players for legit cheating (where one would just pretend to play fair).

The recent updates to the game were indeed a nightmare for this unnamed cheat’s developers as VAC hammered it down to free its community from getting doomed.

His post on Reddit further assisted us to know more about these two new modules which were inculcated through the updates into the game  :

Module 1: Consists of a Process Memory handle listener which would flag all calls to ReadProcessMemory/WriteProcessMemory

Module 2: This was referred to as an integrity check which will utilize a variety of assorted hashing algorithms implemented in C++. It would further run a full S&I check on the currently running game platform, be it Half life 2, CSGO or Source.

Below is the image attached, a screenshot from a subreddit where the latter’s and cheat’s name have been blurred out. 

Most surprisingly, the hackers who lost their accounts in this ban wave saw their alternate accounts get banned as well. This was too brought under light by AlphaSlashDash where he mentioned that Steam might track down your other accounts from the directory structure on your PC. 

According to some anonymous sources from the community, this unnamed cheat allegedly goes by the name “RatPoison” and its developers haven’t yet surfaced with an official statement as of now. 

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