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Cinnpie Finally Responds To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct & Predatory Behavior

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Former Super Smash Bros commentator and streamer Cinnpie have made her first public statement since the allegations of sexual misconduct and predatory behavior surfaced 10 months ago.

Yesterday, Cinnamon “Cinnpie” Dunson released a statement claiming she raped no one or forced anyone to be in a sexual or romantic relationship with her. In a tweet, she attached two images — one was her response to allegations, and the other was a letter from law firm Morris, Crawford & Currin, P.C. that says many of the comments made about her are “unwarranted and defamatory attacks against her character and reputation.” and any further such comments might lead to lawsuits, to protect “her interests”. 

In her statement, Dunson says she was an “irresponsible, inappropriate, and immature 23 years old in 2016.” She said that she has “never consented to, or asked anyone to wait until I’m blackout drunk, vomiting, and unconscious to put their body parts anywhere inside of, or on me, in any way, with any of the people that ever have throughout my life, including in 2016.”

In July last year, one of the top Smash Ultimate players in the world, Troy “Puppeh” Wells claimed Dunson had frequently carpooled to events and “started sexual conversations” with him via Snapchat in 2016 when he was just 14 years old. He claims intoxicated Dunson had once tackled him to the ground and started “making out” before heading back to play more Smash at a post-tournament event. He said he and Dunson often slept together in the same bed. Their relationship “escalated as far as oral sex, but never as far as sexual intercourse.”

After an investigation last year in July by FGC found several moments in old VODs where Dunson was clearly seen physically interacting with Wells, including instances of her wrapping her arms around Wells, they banned her from all 2GGaming events. After the initial investigation concluded, several other players and personalities who were accused of sexual misconduct and predatory behavior, including Richard “Keitaro” King and D’Ron “D1” Maingrette, were also banned. 

This is the first time she has spoken anything about the allegations in months and has requested people to not attack her any further. 

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