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Will FaZe finally level “Up” with new karrigan led roster?

There's a decent chance that FaZe has finally put together a major-winning lineup.


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FaZe clan’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive division has been undergoing a subtle rebuild since Nikola “NiKo” Kovač’s exit. The new in-game leader Finn “karrigan” Andersen’s acquisition completes FaZe clan’s updated roster for 2021, but what’s different this time? 

If you’ve been following FaZe’s journey since its peak in 2017, you may know that roster swaps aren’t anything new in this team. Fresh faces stand-in for a few months, only to leave. FaZe had become a grooming centre for pro players who’d implement their in-game learning in the next team they’d join; not in FaZe. Håvard “rain” Nygaard is FaZe’s only ride-and-die who’s seen many players come and go. 

The team’s recent overhaul could be like any other in the past. However, there’s a good chance that FaZe has finally put together a major-winning team. 


Unlike other teams who willingly adopted new rosters and players, FaZe’s constant slump has forced the organization to make necessary changes. We got the first insight into the broken off-server condition of FaZe when former coach Janko “YNk” Paunović left the team. YNk wanted a bigger rebuild, a concept that didn’t sit well with the organization at the time. According to YNk’s extensive experience, a rebuild could save FaZe’s sinking boat. The organization let go of the opinionated coach; however, it seems that it took his advice to heart.

“It means going into more of a bigger rebuild of the lineup, changing more players. In a scenario in which I would try to bring dexter from renegades as an IGL, I mean this was just me in my head that this guy deserves a chance. Nothing was being done.” 


FaZe has overcome stagnancy issues

FaZe had long been stuck in a vicious cycle of dragging old players back into the server. With tons of rumors surrounding NiKo’s IGL issues, the public had started to believe that there’s really no smoke without fire. Fortunately, the organization rectified the situation in its own way. 

FaZe didn’t have to let go of NiKo; it just needed to hire an IGL who could assume office. The organization realized the pain points too late, resulting in NiKo moving to G2 esports. Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer stepped in once again, as FaZe’s saving grace. As a stand-in, the legendary player displayed an excellent performance in BLAST Premier spring groups before bidding farewell to the squad he’s spent the last three years with. Unfortunately, Olomeister won’t be retiring as a FaZe player, which somehow works for the organization. The CS specialist bagged two major championships, but FaZe’s decline calls for a fresh face who’s agile with the rifle. 

A few months ago, no one would have thought that FaZe could do without the veteran Olofmeister and its ultimate mainstay NiKo. However, the online format saw both the players leave FaZe to fend for itself. The exits were demolishing, but they forced the organization to make changes that YnK had hinted at – a refreshed FaZe. 


Fire reloaded with Twistz


Coming in as a superstar, Russel “Twistzz” Van Dulken effectively replaces NiKo in a team that is in dire need of firepower. While Olofmeister contributed much to FaZe’s booming chart in 2017, he failed to show up on the server in his proper form after the 2018 break ahead of ESL Pro League Season 7. Consistent highlight-worthy performances became rare, and FaZe took a major hit in the firepower department. 

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Team Liquid’s most successful stretch in CSGO had Twistzz had at the helm, bagging kills across maps. For FaZe, NiKo was reserved as a kill-machine, a task that he struggled with once he was burdened with a skipper’s role. With a striking rating of 1.02, Twistzz could bring glad tidings for FaZe fans waiting for the organization to reclaim its former glory. The rifler fills a severely empty slot at FaZe; a slot that Markus “Kjaerbye” Kjærbye and Aurimas “Bymas” Pipiras tried to fill in. Bymas had revealed that he was held back in FaZe, which is why the acquisition didn’t turn out to be fruitful despite the youngster’s bombshell performance. Conversely, Twistzz would be given the freedom to scout around the map and create his own plays. 

“He will become our superstar – he will play on the positions of NiKo . This is how he will have the opportunity to reveal all his strength.” . 


FaZe-karrigan endgame 

FaZe has roped in one of the best rifles in CS, but the position for IGL remained disputed. FaZe’s IGL problem isn’t news to avid CS followers as the organization has undergone various changes in the past. Several yes men failed at the job; the team lacked the impetus to recover from its drop. With karrigan’s signing, the team has obtained a skipper that helped FaZe reach its pinnacle of success, finishing second at ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018. 

karrigan and FaZe have a bittersweet history. Stats reveal that FaZe’s decline was preventable if the team hadn’t given up on karrigan. It seems that the organization has finally woken up and smelled the coffee as it re-assembles a roster under a most-sought-after captain in CS. 

FaZe’s most surprising and successful performance of past one year came in BLAST Premier spring, where Marcelo “coldzera” David revealed that karrigan had called the shots from the background. Everyone saw how that panned out; the captain shook the 2017 olofmeister from slumber as the team bested Team Liquid twice. 

FaZe has reacquired an IGL that brought the team close to becoming world champions in 2018. Along with this IGL, the team finally has a kill-machine in Twistzz, skilled AWPer in Helvijs “broky” Saukants, FaZe’s rock rain, and Colzera’s CSGO acumen. However, it’s not just a picture-perfect roster that qualifies FaZe to be a potential major-winning team; it’s the fact that in the past few months, the organization has reworked all its weak areas highlighted by CS specialists multiple times in the past. 

FaZe 2021 lineup

Numerous teams dissolved during the online format, but many took it as a chance to rest and recuperate. FaZe has already endured an all-time low, which could mean that it’s finally gearing up to dominate the CSGO scene. Here’s hoping that FaZe will reach its superior form, moving forward to the upcoming major championship that lay ahead in 2021.

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