Twitch streamer KillaMfCam banned after saying he’ll “break” son’s neck


Popular variety streamer KillaMfCam is under fire for a statement that indicates a potential case of child abuse after he was infuriated from things going south in Escape From Tarkov.

KillaMfCam is a father to a single child and as it seems he fails to keep a balance between his life as a streamer and duties as a father. Upon getting killed in Escape From Tarkov, he said he would break his son’s neck if he doesn’t leave the room. This is especially disturbing given his son is only 4 years old and if can say this on stream, one can hardly imagine what would he do once the camera is off.

“Stop f**king sh*tting yourself dude. How hard is that? Jesus Christ man. God damn you stupid motherf**ker. I f**king hate you dude. Get the f**k out of my room bro. Get out. Go. Get the f**k out of my room. Get out. I’m gonna break your f**king neck dude,” says Killa.

The player who killed Killa, later visited the stream only to get blocked, not before he could see him rage at his son. Later he got a friend to download the VOD and raised awareness about how a child’s security is in question. Twitch has taken action after the clip surfaced, Killa has been handed an indefinite ban. Law enforcement in the region has also be alerted about this situation.

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