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Valorant Celestial Bundle Price Revealed

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Ever since the release of Valorant, and its Battle Pass, developers have set the motion to launch a plethora of new weapon skins that could either be purchased from the game store or earned by leveling up the Battle Pass.

According to the esteemed Twitter user and Data miner, ValorLeaks, the latter has provided us with yet another leak consisting of a brand new skin bundle named “Celestial”. This bundle will be made available on the market on a bi-weekly basis by the game developer and will feature five weapons with a newly launched cosmetic finish.

Celestial Skin Bundle will have these five weapons and would be made available at a price of 7100 Valorant Points (VP). 

Celestial Phantom (1775VP)

Celestial Ares (1775VP)

Celestial Frenzy (1775VP)

Celestial Judge (1775VP)

Celestial Melee (3550VP)

The bundle was further revealed by Alejandro “Black” García, a content creator for Team Heretics on his YouTube channel

Do stay tuned at TalkEsport for further updates on the Bundle’s release date.

Image Credits: RumbleMike at @ValorLeaks

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