46 Players, Including Knights and EHOME Members, Banned from Dota 2 Pro Circuit

dota 2 pro circuit

In a recent joint statement from Valve Corporation and Perfect World,  it has been revealed that a total of 46 players have been banned from participating in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. The ban includes members from top teams like Knights and EHOME. It has been issued for various reasons like cheating and match-fixing. 

The list of bans includes 21 permanent bans, 13 two-year bans, and 12 one-year bans, prohibiting them from participating in any Dota 2 event hosted by Valve and Perfect World.

While Knights had previously been accused of match-fixing and cheating on multiple occasions, the ban on EHOME players has caught the entire Dota 2 community by surprise. Both organizations participated in the recently concluded Lima Major 2023.

The ban is not only a major setback for the players who have been banned but also for the teams they represent. This means that these teams will have to find new players to fill the void left by the banned players, which could negatively impact their performance in upcoming tournaments.

Here’s a list of all the players who got banned from Dota 2 Pro Circuit alongside the duration of their bans:

Banned PlayersTeamBan Duration
Luo “eGo” BinKnightsPermanent
Vincent “AlaCrity” HiewKnightsPermanent
Su “Flyby” LeiKnightsPermanent
Chong “FelixCiaoBa” Wei LunKnightsPermanent
Xiao “XCJ” ChaojianKnightsPermanent
Wong “mks” Sim AnEHOMEPermanent
Xu “Lin” Ziyang (aka mmm)Team MystiquePermanent
Yang “Yp” Yuepeng (aka Helios)LBZSPermanent
Zhan “guoguo” YaoyangLBZSPermanent
Kim “Unknown-” Jit PinTeam FlowPermanent
Pan “yChen” Shuaifang (aka Knight)EHOME2 Years
Tang “Salad” Xiaolei (aka CatYou)EHOME2 Years
Liu “Lww” WeiweiEHOME2 Years
Pu “zone-” JunyuTeam Mystique2 Years
Law “Nj” Chee HoongTeam Mystique2 Years
Raymond “rayy” ThenTeam Mystique2 Years
Jin “pp” PengLBZS2 Years
Somsak “Nevermine” ChanthavisoukTeam Flow2 Years
ShareHeatbeat2 Years
sss2 Years
HuiHui2 Years
ghost2 Years
Lee “X1aOyU” Qian YuEHOME1 Year
Tan “TrazaM” Kai SoonTeam Flow1 Year
Yang “Ms” YongjieDawn Gaming1 Year
Liu “ex” ShaojunDawn Gaming1 Year
Lin “Son Goku” ShiyangDawn Gaming1 Year
He “Docres” ErcongDawn Gaming1 Year
tomorrow1 Year
Fantasy-1 Year
Hy1 Year
Kygo1 Year
Mercader1 Year
lost1 Year

This ban sends a clear message to the Dota 2 community that cheating and match-fixing will not be tolerated in the game. The ban also highlights the need for better regulations and measures to prevent cheating and match-fixing in esports. As the esports industry continues to grow and attract more players and fans, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that fair play is maintained. 

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