How Does Gekko’s Wingman Perform Against Other Valorant Agent Abilities?

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Valorant recently announced Gekko, the newest addition to Valorant’s agent pool. Gekko belongs to the Initiator class which depicts special skills which allow the agent to plant//defuse the spike using his wingman, jumping off walls, and further detecting enemies. The Agent’s pet aids him in gathering vital information during a round, giving his squad a leg up on the opposition. 

At the VCT LOCK//IN 2023, Gekko was revealed to the public on the main stage for the first time ever. In addition to Gekko’s reveal, VCT held a showcase match between Team Tarik and Team FRTTT using the upcoming Agent on the day of the finals. 

Gekko’s Wingman or Q ability, which he can use to scout for enemies or place and defuse the spike, is one of the more interesting features of his arsenal. Wingman’s movement is unidirectional, but it interacts with other agents’ powers in unique ways.

Learn how Gekko’s Wingman complements other skills and how it can be used to your advantage in this guide. Freelance Valorant commentator and analyst Tombizz provided all interaction details used in this article.

Here’s a rundown of what Gekko’s Wingman talent actually does:

Wingman (Q) – Ability

This companion can bounce off walls and detect enemies in a specified zone, stunning them. Additionally, players can use this ability to plant or defuse the spike. When the companion expires, it transforms into an orb that can be picked up. After use, the ability goes into cooldown and can be reused again.

Deploy the Wingman into the air to scan for danger. If an enemy is detected, Wingman will launch a triangular blast at the very first enemy it sees.This would concuss the enemy.

If you want to plant the, or have Wingman defuse one that has already been planted, press the ALT FIRE button. When Wingman’s time runs out, he transitions into a blob that can be recast after a brief delay.

Valorant’s Wingman and its Interactions with Other Agent Abilities

Sage’s Wall and Wingman

Sage can set up a barricade that gets stronger after a few seconds with the help of her barrier orb. It’s useful for keeping foes away and making room for a variety of friendly vantage points. When a Sage wall stands in the way of a Wingman being sent into a site to place or defuse a spike, the Wingman will simply smash through it.

Cypher’s tripwire and Wingman

Cypher’s tripwire can be easily destroyed and can be hidden from plain sight. A tripwire usually draws a line between its anchor point to the opposing surface which is most of the time a wall that tethers enemies upon getting triggered and leaves them concussed for a short period.

If a wingman passes over through a tripwire, it is able to continue forward and break the wire without any concussions although it would get retracted. 

Killjoy’s turret, alarm bot, and Wingman

Gekko’s Wingman is never ever attacked either by Killjoy’s turret or the alarm bot. Killjoy’s turret always attacks an enemy when in sight, and so does the alarm bot trigger when someone’s in the vicinity. Similarly, Wingman does not set off the Alarm Bot as he passes by.

Lockdown: Wingman vs. Killjoy

Killjoy’s ultimate ability is Lockdown, which contracts to hold all foes within its range. However, Wingman is completely immune to the Lockdown and can enter a site as the Lockdown is ending, meaning that the little pet is not detained while he is trapped in the ultimate spell. This can be a game-changer when it comes to sowing in the final seconds.

Gravity Well Wingman × Astra

Astra’s Gravity Well can be a perfect counter for Gekko’s wingman as her Gravity Well would draw the wingman to the center and would make it extremely vulnerable. Your opponents can take advantage of this scenario and prevent the spike from being set by the Wingman.

Like any new agent, Gekko is expected to be a meta-defining initiator. It is anticipated that Riot Games’ newest agent will live up to the company’s reputation for producing game-changing characters.


Q. Who is Gekko in Valorant? 

A. Gekko is the newest addition to the Valorant Agent roster, and we’ve already seen brief teaser videos and images that hint at their role and reveal their unique Abilities ahead of their official reveal.

Q: Will there be a new Battle Pass for Episode 6 Act 2?

A: Yes, there will be a new Battle Pass for Episode 6 Act 2. The Battle Pass will likely include new skins, sprays, player cards, and other cosmetic items that players can earn by completing challenges and playing the game.

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