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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter Strike 2 (CS2) Now Lets You RENT Skins

Counter-Strike 2 introduces skin rentals! Discover how to rent weapon skins using the Kilowatt case, explore the benefits and limitations, and elevate your CS2 style.

New CS2 Update Introduces Skin Rentals, Reduces M4A4 & Incendiary Price

Valve has just shipped a major update to Counter-Strike 2, and it introduces several interesting changes to the competitive shooter. https://twitter.com/CounterStrike/status/1793756708935962738 Firstly, the new CS2 update...

CS2: FACEIT Player Wonderful_Y Banned After STYKO Demo Review

In a stunning turn of events, the eSports community was rocked by the revelation that Dmytro "Wonderful_Y" Horkusha, a prominent player on the FACEIT...

CSGO: NiP bench Lekr0 to make way for hampus

The newest NiP recruit will make his debut on DreamHack Masters Spring 2020.

CSGO: Gla1ve leaves active Astralis roster on temporary basis

The Astralis star has decided to take a step back after experiencing stress-related symptoms.

NEO and TaZ reunite with new CSGO roster

The former Virtus Pro duo Filip 'NEO' Kubski and Wiktor 'TaZ' Wojtas are back together in a new Polish team called Honoris. We saw...

128 tickrate in official CSGO match making might drive away its popularity

I'm not sure how well this opinion will go among the CSGO fanbase worldwide, but that's what I'd still stand behind. CS:GO, world's most...

How many Silvers are there in CSGO world? Rank Distribution Explained

The spectrum of ranks in CSGO is vast, and only few have what it takes to make it to the very end of it.

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