Fortnite surpasses CSGO in esports earnings

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According to Esports Earnings, Fortnite Battle Royale has taken over Counter-Strike Global Offensive in total esports prize money awarded to its players.

Photo by u/Huzaifaboi

Fortnite has reportedly distributed $82.9 Million Dollars in total prize distribution taking CSGO’s spot despite having been relatively new to the community and falling short in terms of active players compared to CSGO, while the 2012 released CSGO has hosted countless tournaments all across the globe and attracting players from all over the world with an evergrowing fan base. Although it was swift to get ahead of Counter-Strike but they are far behind Dota 2 as the MOBA boasts a whopping $130 million lead ahead of Fortnite. It is hard to get by Dota as the latest Ti9 saw a prize pool of $34 million, highest ever in history for a single esports event.

But with clouds are surrounding Epic Games as although pushing such high figures in terms of prize pool, Fortnite’s popularity has been going downhill ever since as a sudden trend of Minecraft on the internet(PewDiePie effect is still real) has witnessed popular streamers like Myth and CouRage hop in the Minecraft bandwagon and players has been open about lagging issues in three-man squad format which has been a serious issue for EPIC.

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