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Report: coldzera to play for FaZe Clan at ESL One New York

The drama surrounding the final two members for FaZe Clan seems to finally come to an end since signings are imminent as we are two days away from ESL New York. According to Dexerto, the signing of Coldzera and Brokyy are just a matter of time.

After NEO left the IGL seat vacant and GuardiaN being picked up by Natus Vincere, two spots were left and the fans were eagerly waiting for the new faces to join the super team. So far the potential targets were closed down by rumours into three players Coldzera, Brokyy, and Aleksib. Although nothing has been confirmed yet by FaZe but various sources are an indication towards Brokyy and Cold to be the final players to fill the shoes left by NEO and GuardiaN. Helvjis ‘Brokyy’ Sauskants will be a stand-in for them for an internally discussed period. The 18 years old Latvian has often picked up the AWP during his time in Epsylon and is likely to do so for FaZe but looking at their line-up a hybrid AWP style like Liquid seems a pragmatic approach.

In a recent picture posted we see NiKo Yanko and Brokyy pose for a photo in front of a reflective surface which also captured a Coldzera like figure taking the snap. Cold is closer to FaZe Clan than ever, this has been a move expected for a long time but as ESL NY is on its edges we are to see the move come through sooner than later. The photo solidifying the rumors that Cold has traveled to New York with FaZe and is indefinitely to stand in for them.

Expected FaZe CS:GO roster for ESL One New York:

  • Nikola “NiKo” Kovacs
  • Håvard “rain” Nygaard
  • Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer
  • Helvijs “broky” Saukants
  • Marcelo “coldzera” David

ESL One New York will kick off in just two days on September 26 and the show will continue till 29th, featuring a prize pool of $200,000 in Barclays Centre.


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