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Highest Earning CSGO Players 2022


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CS:GO’s Majors have been some of esports’ most prominent tournaments over its 10-year history. But the strength of the scene comes from its open circuit format, which lets almost any organizer host a tournament anywhere in the world using any kind of format.

Over the course of the previous decade, players have been awarded more than $140 million across thousands of tournaments, with the PGL Stockholm Major awarding the greatest single prize pool of $2 million.

The Stockholm Major featured the largest prize pool after nearly 2 years of no major tournaments played due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Danish players continue to monopolize the top ranks in terms of earnings, other athletes seem to climb up the ladder with their recent winnings.

More Majors with huge prize pools are on the horizon for CS:GO, and the game shows no signs of slowing down. But before we get there, let’s take a look at the top prize pool money earners, as reported by Esports Earnings. With the conclusion of the recent IEM : Rio CS:GO Major 2022, the data seeded by Esports Earning has been updated.

The following is a table that ranks the top 20 players based on their total earnings.

10thStewie2KUnited States$1,186,573.20
18thEliGEUnited States$1,074,579.62

Trivia about the players :

The exclusivity that Dupreeh bears cannot be matched by anyone else. Dupreeh, now with Vitality and Magisk, is the only CS:GO player to have played in all 18 Majors and won over $2 million in individual prizes. With Vitality looking good coming into the Rio Major, he has a chance to distance himself from his old Astralis teammates.

The highest-paid IGL is also one of the most accomplished and respected. When gla1ve first joined Astralis, he was actually somewhat unheard of, and the team’s initial performance wasn’t all that impressive. Four Majors and a Grand Slam later, gla1ve showed his value and then some.

The only player in the top six who is not part of the renowned Astralis core, s1mple is a serious candidate for the title of the greatest player of all time. As with electroNic, most of s1mple’s success competitively and financially has come in 2021 and 2022, but he reached the top four in two Majors with Liquid in 2016.

Ukrainian star s1mple joined this elite list after NAVI won several international titles in 2021, including the PGL Stockholm Major. He was recently awarded the Player of the Decade award by ESL.

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