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xQc Blasts Twitch for Allowing Gambling Advertisements

With Twitch taking a strong stance against Gambling streams last year, xQc who recently signed a reported $100 million contract with Kick has spoken up against gambling advertisements turning up on Twitch.

Especially in 2022, Twitch went aggressive against the promotion of gambling content which took away a big part of the sponsor revenue from streamers on their platform. It was done in good faith as the younger audience was getting wrongly influenced however, Twitch has been doing the same lately where they are promoting gambling events through advertisements.

xQc who was once penalised for streaming gambling content, was left baffled when he came across an advertisement on Twitch promoting a poker event. This begs the question if Streamers weren’t allowed to profit from it, how can the platform get away with doing the same?

“Guys, I’m not going to s*it on Twitch overall because I don’t give a s*it about any of this,” he said xQc. “My take remains the same, I just think maybe, perhaps it’s time to accept the fact that it is what it is,” he added.

One thing to note, Twitch has only restricted unlicensed sites to promote themselves on the platform however, licensed bookmakers and casinos and still be promoted according to Twitch’s ToS.

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