What is Viewbotting on Twitch?

View botting on Twitch is a complex and controversial practice. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the implications of view botting, how it is detected, and Twitch's stance on this issue. We also provide tips for streamers who want to avoid being view botted.


View botting is a controversial topic that has sparked numerous debates in the Twitch community over the years. In simple terms, it refers to the practice of artificially inflating a live view count to give the impression of higher viewership than reality. This is achieved by using software bots to open up live streams, thereby augmenting the viewership stats of a specific Twitch channel​​.

While it might seem like a clever method to boost one’s brand and manipulate Twitch’s algorithms, it’s important to understand that this tactic is not only unethical but also prohibited on the platform. Twitch’s policies unequivocally prohibit view botting, and those caught indulging in this practice face potential sanctions, including indefinite suspensions​​.

It’s worth noting that view botting is not the same as follow-botting, a term used to describe the use of bot accounts to follow a specific Twitch user and subsequently raise their account’s profile​​.

Understanding the reasons why some individuals resort to view botting can provide a broader perspective on this issue. On the surface, view botting appears to be an effective way to unfairly gain an advantage. This is because the platform’s algorithms tend to favor and promote channels with high engagements and views over those with lesser viewership​​.

However, detecting view botting is not straightforward. While certain indicators such as unusual viewership spikes, large viewership numbers with low chat engagement, or nonsensical comments in the chat might suggest the use of viewbots, there is no definitive method to ascertain this. Additionally, it’s crucial to remember that a Twitch user could be a victim of viewbots without their knowledge or consent, and in such cases, they are not held responsible by Twitch​.

The issue of view botting has not spared even large streamers, who have found themselves at the center of accusations and controversies. For instance, Twitch streamer Trainwreck in 2022 expressed his suspicion that many top streamers were using bots, emphasizing that this was a significant problem for the platform​.

Several notable incidents serve as cautionary tales in this regard. In 2018, former G4 host Kevin Pereira was banned from Twitch after confessing to using bots to boost viewership on his livestreams​​. Similarly, in 2019, League of Legends streamer Tyler1 appeared to have hinted at his use of viewbots before admitting that it was a ruse to attract more attention on Twitch​. More recently, in June 2023, streamer Mizkif faced accusations of view botting, which he strongly denied​​.

While view botting on Twitch might seem like a shortcut to popularity and recognition, it is a practice that goes against the principles of fair play and community spirit that platforms like Twitch aim to promote. Streamers and viewers alike should be aware of the implications and potential repercussions of this controversial practice.

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