Who is Topher on TikTok? Boy behind viral TikTok

While there are thousands of creators pushing content on TikTok every day only a few become viral and become global sensations and Topher is one of them which has prompted everyone to find out more about the creator of the viral TikTok.

Weird trends become popular more often than not which is why it is no more a surprising thing to find out that the Topher has been one of the most popular trending TikToks in the past months.

A user who goes by the handle allycat.03 posted a video where they recorded various members of their family explaining who they would warn someone about if they were to introduce someone to their family.

 “Y’all already know who I am, my name’s Topher, and I think Olivia.”

Fans have taken a liking towards the way Topher said in the video and quickly turned the phrase into a viral trend that has gotten several TikTokers making it in their own version while some are making reaction videos.

The original video now has over 30 million views with 5 million likes and has been on top ever since. Allycat has many other videos uploaded on the platform and none of them has received the reaction that Topher has garnered.

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