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New Valorant Map ‘Lotus’ To Have 3 Bombsites: Leaks

After a long wait, the release trailer for Valorant Episode 6 has finally been revealed by Riot Games. The trailer enables Valorant fans to take a deep dive into the game’s lore, while simultaneously showcasing a bit of the next Valorant map, ‘Lotus’.

Fans can check out the official trailer for Valorant Episode 6 ‘REVELATION’ here.

New Valorant Map – Lotus: Details

While the finer details on the upcoming Valorant map Lotus haven’t been revealed at the time of writing, the Episode 6 cinematic gives us a decent idea about what the map will look like. 

For starters, what players have been speculating for a while now seems to have been confirmed by the trailer – Lotus is likely to be set in India.

With that being said, the trailer didn’t showcase the exact layout of the map, but according to a recent leak by prominent Valorant dataminer ‘ValorLeaks’, Lotus will feature three bombsites instead of the usual two.

So far, with the exception of Haven, all the maps in Valorant have had two bombsites only. With Haven still remaining a part of the competitive map pool after the removal of Bind and Breeze in Episode 6, it’ll be interesting to see how this new map is received by the community, considering that the game will now have a seven-map pool with two maps having three bombsites each.

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