Mery Soldier has been banned from streaming

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Spanish partnered streamer Mery_Soldier has been banned from streaming on Twitch following violation of the Terms of Service during a Role Play stream.

Mery reached over 100K followers on Twitch and has been one of the most prominent variety streamers from the region. She is known for streaming popular titles like League of Legends, Valorant, and Apex Legends streams, where she clocked a total of 7.6 million views and now she has encountered a temporary ban.

Neither Twitch nor the streamer herself divulged into details about her ban and the exact reason is still unknown, one thing is for sure that it has something to do with her Role Play streams. Given the extent of the ban, it can be cleared that whatever she did isn’t anything major.

She only has a few hours of time left away from Twitch and she will probably get back to the platform in no time. The exact reason for the ban is yet to be revealed but fans wouldn’t care if she returns to the Amazon-owned streaming platform in merely hours.

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