Streamer JubileeBlais banned for linking OnlyFans on Twitch

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Jubilee Blaisdell aka JubileeBlais has been banned from Twitch following attempts to promote her OnlyFans during one of her live stream.

Twitch streamer JubileeBlais has been caught in action violating Twitch ToS that forbids actively promoting other platforms, namely OnlyFans during live streams for which they have allotted a “Bio” section for all links for external websites. Her channel being marked for mature content doesn’t let her get away with promoting suggestive content.

JubileeBlais confirmed that duration of the ban to be 3 days but in the meanwhile fans can find her content on YouTube. She was aware of the ToS that prohibited sharing any links to mature and suggestive content.

So far out, there isn’t any explicit display of nudity on her OnlyFans but Twitch couldn’t care less. Even though she has promised to suggestive content  “but I’ll still post some sexy selfies till I figure it out idk”. read one of her Tweet. However, as of now she’ll have to wait for 3 days before she can get back to producing her Pokemon content.

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