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IShowSpeed ‘Disgusted’ by Cristiano Ronaldo’s EA FC 24 Rating

The world of football is no stranger to debates and controversies, especially when it comes to player ratings in popular video games. EA FC 24’s recent leak surrounding Cristiano Ronaldo’s rating has not only stirred the pot but also evoked strong reactions from dedicated fans and streamers.

IShowSpeed, a renowned streaming superstar and an ardent Ronaldo supporter, expressed his sheer disbelief and disgust upon seeing the leaked rating. His dedication to Ronaldo is evident, from attending every Portugal match in the 2022 World Cup to regularly sporting a CR7 shirt during his streams. The leaked rating, which showed a significant drop for Ronaldo, was enough to make IShowSpeed exclaim, “I literally threw up… That’s so f***ing disgusting.”

The leaked information, courtesy of DonkTrading, a known Fifa Ultimate Team leaker, suggests that Ronaldo’s overall rating has taken a hit, dropping from 90 in Fifa 23 to a surprising 86 in EA FC 24. This decline is further accentuated when one looks at the individual attributes: Ronaldo’s pace, shooting, and dribbling have all been notably reduced. In stark contrast, Lionel Messi, Ronaldo’s long-time rival on the pitch, retains an overall rating of 90.

While the gaming community is abuzz with these leaks, it’s essential to remember that they remain unconfirmed. Game development is a fluid process, and ratings can undergo changes, especially in a live service environment. With the official release of EA FC 24 slated for September 29, there’s still hope that the final ratings might differ from the leaks.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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