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CSGO Cheaters on the Rise as CS2 Launch Looms

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has been a cornerstone in the gaming community for over a decade. However, as Valve gears up for the much-anticipated launch of Counter-Strike 2 (CS2), many players of the original game are voicing concerns about an increasing number of cheaters disrupting their gameplay experience.

CSGO, with its rich history, has witnessed various challenges. But the recent surge in cheating allegations is casting a shadow over its legacy. Players have taken to online platforms, especially Reddit, to express their frustrations. A thread titled “Rising Issue of Cheaters in CSGO” became a hotbed for such discussions, although it was later removed by the official GlobalOffensive forum moderators.

The gaming community is vocal about their experiences, with many reporting encountering “at least one suspicious player once every five matches.” The sentiment is echoed by a player who, despite their love for the game, finds the current state disheartening. According to Dot Esports, another seasoned player, boasting 10,000 hours in CSGO, lamented about losing games due to “2-3 blatant cheaters on sub-100-hour accounts.”

Valve’s Anti-Cheat (VAC) system made headlines in March when it banned over 4,000 players. However, recent data from SteamID indicates a significant drop in bans, with numbers dwindling to 50 or even fewer in August. This decline raises questions about Valve’s commitment to maintaining a fair playing environment in CSGO.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
Executive Editor at TalkEsport | CS2 enthusiast ▄︻デ══━一
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