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Riot Games to Remove Mythic Items from League of Legends

League of Legends, the globally acclaimed MOBA, is set to undergo a significant transformation. Riot Games, in their recent Dev Update, unveiled plans for the 2024 Season, with the spotlight on a major decision: the removal of Mythic Items from the game.

Since their introduction, Mythic Items have been a point of contention within the LoL community. Designed to be powerful game-changers, these items came with a catch – players could equip only one Mythic item per champion. This limitation, while intended to add strategic depth, inadvertently stifled player creativity and reduced build diversity.

Riot Games, always keen on community feedback, recognized the growing concerns. Despite several tweaks and changes aimed at refining the Mythic system, the results fell short of expectations. Pu Lui, the Game Director for League of Legends, candidly admitted that the Mythic Items system didn’t cater uniformly to champions across various roles and classes. While some champions thrived, others found themselves constrained, lacking optimal item choices.

Starting January 2023, the Mythic item tier will be phased out, marking a significant shift in the game’s meta. But it’s not all about removal. Riot Games plans to revamp popular Mythic items, ensuring they remain viable and exciting choices for players. This change paves the way for players to revisit and experiment with iconic item combinations, like the synergy between Infinity Edge and Trinity Force.

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Aritra Patra
Aritra Patra
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