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Adin Ross reveals why he didn’t visit Andrew Tate in Romania

Streamer Adin Ross has responded to fans who were criticizing him for not visiting Andrew Tate, asserting that he held back from doing so due to the possibility of being arrested in Romania.

During Andrew Tate’s imprisonment in Romania, Adin Ross promised viewers to visit him in Romania. Tate’s imprisonment in Romania broke headlines as it turned into a serious issue with charges of human trafficking, sexual assault, and exploitation being held against him. Having spent three months in jail, Tate was let go but remained under house arrest.

The fact that Ross hinted at a visit, left his fans curious why he didn’t go through with it and now he has finally revealed what kept him from visiting Tate in Romania.

“I had a motherf**ker in Vegas ask me why didn’t you write to Tate in jail. I swear to god, on my life, I was running through the casino and somebody said why did you not write to Tate in jail? Hey, idiot, are you dumb? Some of you guys aren’t real, there’s no f**king way.”

Later he claimed that “I literally said you’re right, I did not write him. But, I was about to go to Romania but I was told I’d be arrested. Hello? I was gonna visit that motherf**ker.”.

The risk of getting arrested kept him from going to Romania. Although, he later confirmed that he and Tate are on good terms.

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