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Valorant China Knife Kitana: Price, Photos, and More

Valorant, the popular esports game, is set to make its grand debut in China, and it’s bringing with it an exclusive treat that has the global community buzzing. This treat is none other than the exquisite melee weapon known as the Kitana or Fire Blade, a region-locked weapon skin that has left players worldwide green with envy.

Valorant China Melee

The Kitana, a weapon skin inspired by traditional oriental fans, is a sight to behold. Its design bears a striking resemblance to the Celestial weapon skin, another fan-based weapon. The first glimpse of the Kitana was unveiled by the renowned leaker, Valorant Updates, who also shared a brief gameplay snippet showcasing the weapon’s in-game appearance.

The Kitana boasts two stunning variants: Red Gold and Violet. The Red Gold variant is a Level 1 upgrade for the base weapon, while the Violet variant is a Level 2 upgrade. Initially, the melee weapon begins as a standard knife devoid of animations or special effects. However, after the first upgrade, it morphs into a weapon resembling an oriental fan, complete with a unique inspect animation and a special effect that engulfs the weapon in flames. The second upgrade further transforms the weapon’s color to violet, accompanied by purple flames.

Valorant China Kitana / Fire Blade Price

This melee weapon skin is region-locked, making it exclusively available to Valorant players in China. As for its price, official information is yet to be released. However, according to Kingdom Laboratories, a Portuguese Twitter page, the Kitana might be priced at a mere 100 Valorant Points (VP). This pricing, if accurate, is a hard pill to swallow for the global community, as even the most affordable Valorant knife has historically been sold for well over 1000 VP.

Stay tuned for more updates on Valorant’s China release and the exclusive Kitana melee weapon skin.

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