PUBG Mobile World Day One Results & Standings

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PMWL League Play begins from 14th July,2020. This commences the actual start of the month long League stage. The Opening weekend decided the group seeding, according to which the league will kick-start from today. Here we take a look at the day one results and how it went for the participants.

The League Play is divided into two parts and today, the first part began. All the twenty teams will face each other in the Round-robin format to fight for the 16 slots of the next part of this stage.

Match One – Erangel

The league started off with the oldest map in the game. The initial circle also was pretty centre oriented so no early fights were seen. Cetlz secured an early kill as they caught a player from No Chance Team without any loot.

Team FreeStyle finally made their debut in the world league today. They faced some complications earlier but were in time to participate. They wiped Reject Scarlett with a good co-ordinated push and gunpower. A big upset happened for Bigetron RA as they could not continue their domination in this first map and Celtz shut them down.

With a slow paced start, the match heated up in the later stages. Teams like TSM-Entity, NOVA-GodLike and No Chance Team took an early exit. RRQ Athena and Megastars were having a good run. They survived till the last circle. The match was finally closed by Megastars when they rained grenades on RRQ, wiping them subsequently and then final fight with Yodoo Gank.

Megastars won this map with 9 kills and 29 points. Yodoo Gank ranked second with 8 kills and 22 points. RRQ Athena came third with 10 kills and 20 points.

Match Two- Vikendi:

OR scout catches Valdus Martin off-guard in the same compound and kills him at the very start in a stealthy manner. A car blast brings down the number for Team FreeStyle to 3 players remaining.

The pace of this map is usually very slow and similar thing was happening in this match. Players were looking for an opportunity to grab some kills but were not successful. Only few skirmishes and some finishes could be seen till the clock ticks upto 15 minute mark.

Yodoo Gank was the first team to drop out of this map, which was unfortunate after their performance in the first match. The fights picked up pace in the later phases as the players were dropping like flies. Orange Rock infiltrated a compound occupied by MORPH Team and hold the exit door open for them. T1 capitalised on a trio fight and picked up good amount of kills.

Orange Rock dominated in the final circles with Scout entered in a rampage mode and made everything possible for his team. They ultimately won fought with Team IND and Celtz, wiped them both and won the match with huge amount of kills.

Orange Rock won the match with 16 kills and 36 points. GXR Celtz was second with 7 kills and 22 points. Team IND was third with 4 kills and 14 points.

Match Three- Erangel:

T1 struggled right from the start of this map. Their usual drop was contested by Valdus Esports as we saw from the Opening Weekend so they decided to drop in the surrounding compounds. T1 was trapped with scarce loot at their disposal in a compound. They were surrounded by King Of Gamers Club and got eliminated first in this game

The next few circles were pretty silent. Teams were reacting faster and occupied the centre of the zones to secure a better position. The circle shifted to the Eastern side with much of water mass inside, so the rotation into the zone was a hard part in this match.

Big names like RRQ Athena and Megastars dropped out very early in this match. As the rotations were hard, many teams struggled just to enter the zone. Orange Rock had a good momentum in this match but unfortunately could not make it to the final phases.

Team Bigetron RA managed to find their way into the zone and then put up a great show for audience with their impressive gameplay. They picked up kills from all the corners of the final circle and secured their victory.

Bigetron RA won the match with 11 kills and 31 points. No Chance Team was second with 8 kills and 22 points. BOX Gaming came third with 8 kills and 18 points.

Match Four- Vikendi:

The usual loot and rotate play style had a slight twist in this map as Celtz and U Level UP faced off each other. Celtz were at a man advantage but couldn’t utilize that upper hand as there was a bit of blunder by their side and a last player of U Level UP wiped them out.

T1 again struggled in this match and had an early exit. Similar thing happened to TSM-Entity as they could not win the fight against No Chance Team and were eliminated. A huge blunder occured from Team Secret as they were rotating in a single car, were spotted by RRQ Athena,could not put up a good fight and were easily eliminated by them.

This match was one-of-a-kind where the zone closed into the Dino Park area and was fully packed with players. The teams out of this area were in a very bad spot and were eliminated early on. As the match was closing in, the final circle ticked and still there were 18 players alive, which is very rare to see.

The zone fully favoured Team No Chance and they stacked high amount of kills with this advantage but a perfectly executed strategic outplay was seen from RRQ Athena. They were patient till the very last circle. They let No Chance and Yodoo Gank fight between themselves, and heal battle their way to win this match. It was one of the best matches that were ever played in the competitive PUBG Mobile.

RRQ Athena claim their victory with 8 kills and 28 points. No Chance Team were second with 11 kills and 25 points. Yodoo Gank was third with 14 kills and 24 points.

Match Five- Erangel:

An early fight between TSM-Entity and SynerGE marked the start of the last match of day one. Both the teams did some mistakes but TSM got rewarded with 3 kills and it was a good start for them.

The zone shifted in the northern part so the rush for getting into zone started. Some teams made mistakes on their decisions and were punished for it. RRQ Athena was caught by Orange Rock in rotations and killed two of their players. MORPH Team played on backfoot against a single player of RRQ Athena and had two casualties on their side.

Teams like RRQ, MORPH, Team IND dropped very early due to some misplays. A good fight between T1 and Orange Rock happened as zone was almost closing in on them. Good synergy from Orange Rock and and a perfect nade sealed the fate of T1.

The final circle was dominated by Team Secret as they kept all of their players intact. They were blessed with the final zone and seized the opportunity given.

Team Secret won the match with 8 kills and 28 points. King of Gamers club came second with 12 kills and 26 points. Orange Rock was third with 5 kills and 12 points.

PMWL League Play W1D1 Overall Standings:


Day one of League Play was different from the games of the Opening Weekend. Teams analysed their gameplay and were seen using some different strategies and gameplay styles.

No Chance Team really stepped up their gameplay and performed on a next level. They were most consistent on the first day. They have no chicken dinners but constantly finished in the top five and collecting huge number of kills alongside. They must continue this gameplay to be on the top spot.

Watching Orange Rock on the second spot is no surprise. Thier consistent gameplay, their high fragging power and perfect decision making of their in-game leader granted them this spot. They were exceptional today with a great match of 16 kills chicken dinner. They are the team with highest amount of kills on the first day.

Other teams like Yodoo Gank, RRQ and Bigetron performed good but couldn’t match their dominance from the last week. They are still on the top 8 list so can still try for some better ranking.

The teams on second part of the scoreboard, especially the ones from 16 to 20 must rise their level of gameplay. If they perform in a similar manner, they will miss out on Super Weekend and will not be able to collect any points in the week one score board.

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