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Is Izou Dead? One Piece Wano Arc Aftermath Explained

In the world of “One Piece,” the Wano arc has been one of the most intense and climactic storylines, bringing with it a series of battles that have reshaped the landscape of the series. Among the many warriors who fought valiantly during the Raid on Onigashima, two figures stand out for their ultimate sacrifice: Ashura Doji and Izo. These powerful warriors from Wano Country played a pivotal role in the outcome of the conflict, ensuring the survival of the main protagonist, Luffy, and by extension, the liberation of Wano itself.

Izo, in particular, has a rich history within the “One Piece” narrative. Making his debut during the Marineford arc, Izo was introduced as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates, specifically the commander of the 16th division. His loyalty, however, was not just to his crew but also to his homeland and the Kozuki Family, as he was one of Oden’s Nine Red Scabbards, a group of samurai sworn to protect their lord. This deep sense of duty brought Izo back to Wano Country alongside allies like Nekomamushi and Marco to take part in the pivotal Raid on Onigashima.

The sacrifice of Izo was a momentous event, as he laid down his life to protect Luffy, which was a critical factor in the eventual defeat of the formidable Kaido. However, the manner of his passing has sparked intense debate among fans. Unlike other significant deaths in “One Piece,” which are usually depicted with great emotional weight, the deaths of Ashura Doji and Izo were not immediately known and occurred off-panel. This has led to a wave of criticism, with some fans feeling that the conclusion of the Wano arc was abrupt and that these characters deserved a more impactful send-off.

The legacy of Izo and his ultimate sacrifice is a testament to the themes of loyalty and heroism that run deep in “One Piece.” His actions not only ensured the continuation of Luffy’s fight but also the future of Wano Country. As the series continues, the impact of Izo’s death will undoubtedly be felt, as the characters and the story itself grapple with the consequences of the Wano arc’s dramatic conclusion.

David Wojnicki
David Wojnicki
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