PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3
Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

PUBG Mobile has globally released its new update of version 1.2 and as a result, the development and testing of new features in PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 are underway. Many leaks have already spilled out that Tencent is going to add the famous map Karakin to PUBG Mobile from its PC counterpart and several related mechanisms will be introduced as well. A new mode, gun and some other additions are seen as well.

PUBG Mobile usually releases its beta version in closed testing format for a selective few. This game could be downloaded easily when the source is made public by the developers and here, several new features are tested out before they are completely added to the game.

Currently, some patch notes for PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 version are revealed and they confirm that another classic map will be added to the game in the next update. Here is what you can expect from PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3.

New Map: Karakin

Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

Karakin is a sandy island with a very small area of 2 kilometers where combat is waiting at every corner. This map was first introduced in PUBG and since then, many users were waiting to try it in PUBG Mobile. Karakin is a very small map for a battle-royale game and it will be even smaller than Sanhok so players can expect a very chaotic battlefield right from the start.

As this map is smaller, the player lobby count is decreased as well. Similar to Livik, only 64 players will drop in a match and fight immediate battles to win the game. Looking at the play style of this map, it can be assumed that the matches will also end pretty fast on this map.

New Karakin Related Mechanisms:

1. Demolition Zone

Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

A completely new mechanism related to the Karakin map will be added to PUBG Mobile. When players are playing in Karakin, they will have to look out for another new area similar to Red Zone. This is called as ‘Demolition Zone’ and will be marked on the mini-map as a purple area. An alarm will indicate the start of this area and in this zone, each and every building will be demolished in real-time.

This new feature will cause heavy destruction to hardcover objects and as a result, players will need to abandon their cover and always move when Demolition Zone starts. This feature will also force them to take a fight and be aggressive with their gameplay.

2. Thin Wall Bullet Penetration

Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

Players familiar with the FPS genre of games already know this feature very well. It has bee implemented in several titles for the past few years and finally will make an appearance in PUBG Mobile, exclusively for Karakin map. Players can shoot their enemies through the damaged walls in Karakin. This feature is implemented for “indoor fights” and hence, it will be interesting to see if compound walls and other such structures will be affected by this mechanism or not.

3. Sticky Bombs

Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

A new throwable item is added in Karakin and it is known as the sticky bomb. It will act as a grenade which can be planted on walls or roof for destroying such objects. It can be used to take down buildings in Karakin and create a different terrain for battles. After using a sticky bomb on walls, the structure will be transformed into rubble and hence, one can take cover behind such fallen objects when they are in combat.

4. Panzerfaust

A utility missile laucher named Panzerfaust will be added to Karakin. This utility will be available only in special drop locations and air-drops and players can use it only once. It is a missile launcher that will cause splash damage upon impact. It can be used to destroy structures and even penetrate walls in close ranges. It also causes some damage while launching so attack with it when your allies are not nearby.

New Gun: Mosin Nagant Sniper Rifle

Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

A new sniper rifle will be introduced in PUBG Mobile after a long time. It will be the fourth sniper rifle at par with Kar98k. This gun will be available in Erangel and Vikendi and as it is a bolt-action sniper rifle, it can eliminate the opponents with single shot if they are unarmored.

New vehicle: Motor Glider

PUBG Mobile is adding its first aerial vehicle by introducing Motor Glider. This is a two-seater aeroplane which needs enough speed to take-off and once its in the air, it consumes a lot of fuel based on the speed. This vehicle will only spawn in Erangle and Miramar for now.

New Arena Map: Code C

A new arena map will be added to PUBG Mobile Beta 1.3 update. The description of this map is given below:

Credits: ShubhGamerz YT

These are the patch notes for PUBG Mobile 1.3 update. The beta application will be released very soon so stay tuned on Talkesport to download it as soon as it is available.