64 tick data consumption by a CSGO competitive game

Surprisingly, CSGO doesn’t consume that much data at all compared to some other modern titles. We at TalkEsport tried to find out how much does a game of competitive CSGO really consume.

We hopped on to a game of matchmaking on a 64-tick server with our mobile internet to evaluate the numbers. The map was Cache and the score of the game went on to 16-13. The total data used by CSGO during that period was only 136 MBs.

Needless to say, this number might vary depending on the game length and player count.

128 tick CSGO competitive

Players have claimed that the data consumption for a game in a 128-tick server is 200-300 MBs on average. But  still playing on FACEIT or ESEA with limited data on your hands can be troubling because no conclusive number can be assigned to the maximum data used for a match due to the potential of repeated overtimes in a game.

It can also be safely said that the game modes like Casual, Danger Zone or Arms race generally cost more data per hour due to the greater player count. But the good news lies in the fact that for now, even people with strict data counts can safely enjoy a couple of competitive matchmaking games daily.

Although, with Source 2 for CSGO just around the corner, promises can’t be handed out regarding how long can people keep enjoying the game in such low data caps. Source 2 can potentially increase the data required for the game, and that too by a margin.

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