Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game by Valve that has been out for almost 8 years. Throughout the years, the competitive scene of this game has been refined and the ranking system has been perfected so that only the best players in the game can make it to the top of the spectrum.

The rank distribution in CSGO is spread across 18 ranks in total ranging from Silver 1 to Global Elite. Today, we take an in-depth look at each of the ranks in the spectrum and assess the characteristics of each of the ranks. If you’re hard stuck at any point, we’ll also provide tips to get you through it.

Find out where you lie in the array of ranks as we’ll take a look at the percentages that each of the ranks contain.

Silvers – 33%

Silver is the beginning of the rank spectrum. Numerically, this range has the most ranks included in it. Beginners are generally most likely to be placed in it and once gotten into, it may take a while to get out of. According to CSGO-STATS, about 33% of the players are found in silver, which is considerable but it also contains 6 out of the 18 ranks in the game – about 33% of the spectrum.


Now let’s take a look at the numbers acting behind each rank.

Silver 1 – Consisting 4.51% of the players, the Silver 1 is the lowest rank in CSGO, and will continue to do so unless Valve decides to incorporate a bronze rank reserved for players who refuse to drop guns to their teammates even with 16000$ in pocket. Quite surprisingly however, it has more players in it than silver 2.

Silver 2 – Coming after Silver 1, this rank accounts for 4.33% of the player count. The graph sees an upward turn from this rank towards the rest of the ranks.

Silver 3 – Accounts for 4.39% of the players, slightly more dense than Silver 2.

Silver 4 – Silver 4 holds about 5.37% of the player count. While Silver 4 still can’t be considered to be particularly good at the game, from this point onwards you might not be able to survive a 30-bullet spray by the enemy while standing AFK.

Silver Elite – Takes up 6.70% of the players. 

Silver Elite Master – Not only the highest rank among the silvers, Silver Elite Master is also the most dense rank in Silver and one of the most dense ranks overall with 7.70% of the players lying in it.

  • Tips to get out of Silver: Focus on getting the basics right. You don’t need to be an aim god to be able to reach the next stage. Just learn the maps, practice your aiming, stop rushing B every round, play around your team and keep getting trades, you’ll be out of this trench in no time.

Gold Novas – 34.23%

If you’re one of the four gold Nova ranks, chances are you already have the basics right but still struggling to rank up. No, it’s not your team’s fault that you’re stuck in this trench. Gold Novas aren’t particularly known for having brilliant aim, and the knowledge of maps although present, are severely lacking when it comes to the minute details. The Gold Nova ranks hold 34.23% of the players scattered across only four ranks.

Gold Nova 1 – The first rank of the Gold Nova series. This rank has 8.52% of players in it. If not careful, it’s easy to find yourself falling back into SEM from this rank.

Gold Nova 2 – Gold Nova 2 holds the highest percentage of players in CSGO. Approximately 8.8 1% of players are found in Gold Nova 2.

Gold Nova 3 – The graph slowly sees a steady downward curve from here. GN3 accounts for 8.73% of the players in the competitive spectrum.

Gold Nova Master – The peak rank of the Gold Novas, it can be quite hard to get out of here. You have to perform consistently to be able to get to the next step.

  • Tips to get out of Gold Nova – You’re just about an average CSGO player if you’re in Gold Nova. It holds the maximum player count among all the ranks in the spectrum. Focus on improving your knowledge of the competitive maps. Know common grenade lineups and stay aware of one-way smokes, they’re quite common in these ranks. Practice recoil control but know when to spray and when to tap or burst. Stop raging on your teammates, play your own game and you’ll soon find yourself climbing up the ranks.

Master Guardians – 23.01%

Just like the Novas, Master Guardian also possesses four ranks under it. There’s no room for denying that Master Guardians are skilled. But there’s a lot of room for improvement. These ranks hold 23.01% of the player base despite having the same number of ranks as the Gold Novas included in it.

Master Guardian 1 – The first step to the Master Guardians, MG1 has about 7.39% of the players in it.

Master Guardian 2 – Holds 6.30% players in it.

Master Guardian Elite – The third rank of the Master Guardian series. The competition gets serious starting from these ranks. Takes up 5.25% of the total players.

Distinguished Master Guardian – Although the rank icon is dissimilar to the other Master Guardians, this rank can be placed in it. Hold 4.07% of the players.

  • Tips to get out of Master Guardian – Know meeting points of the competitive maps. Study the maps minutely, you need to know the precise times it takes to move between the points across the maps. Learn every single smoke lineups and learn pop-flashes. Expand your map pool to include more maps as you keep learning. Improve movement – long jumping, bunny hopping and air strafing aren’t optional to learn anymore since they can save you from tense situations.

Legendary Eagles – 6.35%

Only consisting of two ranks, this part is where even experienced players of the game can find hurdling. These two ranks contain about 6.35% of the player base.

Legendary Eagle – Coming to this stage means you’re good at the game. There are only small areas of improvement from here. It takes up 3.16% of the players.

Legendary Eagle Master – Just 2 ranks from the peak, LEM consists of 3.19% of the players, which is surprisingly about 0.03% more than LE.

  • Tips to get out of LE – Not much is left for you to learn. All you have to do now is to refine and sharpen the skills you already have. Develop a practice routine before hopping on to a competitive game. Dedicate 30 mins to an hour of time practicing a combination of aim, spray, movement and smokes.

Supreme Master First Class – 2.61%

Supreme Master First Class or SMFC for short, is one of the most respected ranks in the game. Accounting for only 2.61% of the players, it’s not uncommon to find even professionals in this tank.

  • Tips to get out of SMFC – Grind, grind, and grind. No one can help you now but yourself. Grind till you make it.

The Global Elite – 0.78%

The most prestigious title in competitive CSGO, Global Elite lies at the apex of the ranks in CSGO. As expected, this ranks holds the least number of players in the game, accounting for a mere 0.78% of players across the said.

So, which part of the spectrum are you in? Regardless of where you stand, there’s always places for improvement. Read our tips, and get started on your way to your dream rank.