You can now play the Famous Dust 2 from CSGO in Fortnite

Fortnite has now bought in CS:GO’s Famous Dust2 map, players can experience this new rework addition in a new Search and Destroy mode.

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According to a report from, Epic Game’s famous Battle Royale title Fortnite has bought in a new mode named as “Search and Destroy mode. This mode has attracted a plethora of positive feedbacks from the player base and the community as well. With this idea, Valve’s famous FPS title Counter-Strike Global Offensive has decided to lend its famous competitive map dust2 to Fortnite where we will get to witness the map being incorporated with some re-worked models. This addition would totally favour the CSGO players to cherish Fortnite on their most favourable map though re-worked but they would totally get to play upon it and would attract some really promising crossovers.

Team Evolve which are known for their creativity in the Fortnite scene is really taking people by storm with their unique concepts and thus are kicking in some original as well as genuine aspects. It was Team Evolve’s creative efforts to inculcate the idea of bringing in the famous re-worked dust2 map to the world of Fortnite as the later has proved to be a worthy successor to the original Dust map from Counter-Strike 1.6, yet another Valve’s famous FPS title which did culminate in carving some famous players to adapt to a superior skill set enough to dominate in CS:GO. The ideas have been solicited in a beautiful manner in Fornite’s new Re-worked Dust2 map where though players would witness some obvious aesthetic differences between Fortnite and CS:GO, but they won’t complain about it as it would be worth their time as well as their desires.

Players can grab up the Fortnite Creative code which would allow them to play the famous Dust2 remake and also will be able to access a Discord server where they could meet other players on the map. Just like CS:GO has it’s Bomb Defusal mode, Fortnite will bring up its own Search And Destroy modus operandi. You can check out for some more information about how to grab the Creative code and get access to the discord server via this tweet.
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