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Valkyrae Explains Why She Took a Temporary Break From Streaming

Valkyrae recently took a week-long break from YouTube streaming which led to her fans wondering about her well-being.

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Popular YouTube streamer and content creator Rachel “Valkyrae” Hofstetter has revealed the real reason behind her sudden break from streaming on the platform through a recent live stream on January 17th.

The star took a week-long break from streaming which left her fans being concerned about her and her well-being. However, this break seems to be for different reasons than the time she took a break from social media in May 2020 due to her mental health. 

In her latest stream, the 29-year-old explained that she had already fulfilled the requirements of her contract with YouTube, and hence the break. She also mentioned that going overboard with the streaming hours has had adverse effects on her health in the past. 

“I signed a contract with YouTube a year ago and as some of you didn’t know and some of you did learn later, I have streaming hours to fulfill and I owe 100 hours a month, but I went a little crazy and streamed too much last year which is very bad for my health,” Valkyrae said.

The streamer also said that she’ll be emphasizing changing her diet and lifestyle now that she has turned 29 and that “it’s probably a good time to turn into an adult.”

Moving forward, fans can expect to see more cooking streams from her channel as she focuses on changing her lifestyle.

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