WePlay Holding Terminates Cooperation With All Partners From the Russian Federation

Ukrainian esports organisation , WePlay esports announced today that they will be ending all contracts with partners from the Russian federation.

The decision was made after Russia decided to invade Ukraine in a military operation in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Since then over a hundred casualties of Ukrainian citizens have been reported in Ukraine.

WePlay esports had already announced yesterday that they would continue to work remotely so as to fulfil their legal obligations.

The Ukrainian office has been working remotely while the US office of WePlay remains open as usual. 

Oleh Humeniuk, CEO of WePlay esports didn’t mince his words yesterday after Ukrainian territory was attacked by Russia.

Being a Ukrainian organization, WePlay had to work closely with Russia and brands of Russian origins as well. Today, all of those ties were cut off as Ukraine continues to remain under attack.

In the statement released today, WePlay holding said 

Due to the war of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, WePlay Holding has terminated all partnership agreements with companies from Russia.

On February 24, the Russian Federation committed an act of attack against the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine. Our brave country and people are fighting against Russian military troops the third day along.

In connection with these events, WePlay Holding cannot stand aside and has terminated all types of cooperation with legal entities from the Russian Federation. Starting from now we won’t advertise any brands of Russian origin in our broadcasts and for our audience. 

WePlay Holding fulfills all its obligations to other partner organizations and continues to work remotely to guarantee the safety of its employees.

The entire holding team is grateful for the words of support from the community and also calls for the support of the Ukrainian army. It’s possible via a special fundraising account of the National Bank of Ukraine. To find out more and choose another currency, visit the official website of the National Bank of Ukraine.”

WePlay will continue their operations remotely in the meantime. More about the statement can be found here