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PUBG Mobile Esports postpones PMPL CIS 2022 indefinitely

PUBG Mobile Esports has indefinitely postponed the CIS Pro League 2022 Spring Split amidst the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The officials broke this news via PUBG Mobile RU’s Instagram handle. As the tension rise in the CIS region, officials have stopped the competition.

The political tension between Russia and Ukraine was rising from the last week and Russia invaded multiple territories of Ukraine yesterday. According to multiple reports, this invasion has led to numerous casualties in Ukraine and Russia is criticized by Western countries for waging the war.

PUBG Mobile Pro League is one of the biggest competitions in the global esports circuit and CIS contributes to it by sending some of their best teams like NaVi, Team Unique and Virtus Pro. The PMPL CIS 2022 has several teams with Ukrainian players onboard and looking at the global tension, the tournament is paused.

Following statement was posted by the officials:

"Dear players and viewers of PUBG MOBILE,
Due to today's events, the league administration has decided to indefinitely postpone the matches of the current week of the PMPL CIS 2022 spring split. We will monitor the development of the situation and share more accurate information about updates to the schedule as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding."

The statement was posted in Russian language so some words could be lost in the translation. It is interesting to note that the conflict was not explicitly mentioned in the post.


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