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Vitality demolish Furia to win ECS Season 7 Finals

The finals of ECS Season 7 Finals was played between Furia and Vitality. Both the teams had shown tremendous form over the course of the tournament. Furia beat Astralis twice in the tournament in a BO1 and BO3 series in their opening game and in the Group A decider match. Vitality, on the other hand, had remained unbeaten throughout the course of the tournament and made it to the finals after a 2-0 victory over NRG. Furia beat North 2-0 to lock horns with Vitality.

The game was played on Inferno, and Overpass after the following vetoes:


  • FURIA removed Dust2
  • Vitality removed Train
  • FURIA picked Inferno
  • Vitality picked Overpass
  • FURIA removed Mirage
  • Vitality removed Nuke
  • Vertigo was left over


  • Vitality win Inferno (16-9)
  • Vitality win Overpass (16-4)

Furia, playing the T-side first, looked as if they were in the driver’s seat in the pistol round where KSCERATO pulled out a splendid 1v4 clutch to shut down Vitality and extended their lead to 3-0. Vitality pushed ahead of the Brazilians and strung out 7 rounds in a row together, to make the score 7-3. However, Vitality hustled and pulled the scoreline to 7-8, giving Vitality the slightest advantage.

As Vitality switched over to the attacking side, one could say they were a shapeshifting demon. Under ALEX’s IGL style, Furia was completely locked out of the game and managed to gather only 2 rounds on the CT side. Furia had no answer to Vitality’s strong post plant situation and conceded the map.

The second map, Overpass, picked by Vitality, saw the French kick off the CT side in style by pulling out the first 6 rounds in their favour. However, all was not over for Furia who managed to put together a few rounds to make the score 12-3, in the favour of the French.

Furia was on the chopping block as Vitality picked up the pistol round in the second half and the Brazilians were unable to convert their force-buy gamble and saved three weapons for the next round. However, the saved guns did not prove of any assistance as Vitality tore through the Brazilian defence and Vitality marched onto map and championship point. Furia was able to survive the elimination scare and pulled back one round. However, the knockout blow from Vitality came in the next round and Vitality were crowned as champions of the tournament.


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