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VCT Masters Copenhagen: Teams, Venue and Tickets

With the conclusion of the Valorant Champions Tour LATAM last night, we are in the last stage of VCT, with the Tour concluding with the second Masters of the year, VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

Taking place at the Forum Arena in Copenhagen, This would be the first International Valorant event that would feature a live audience. The audience would only be allowed for the later stages of the game.

The Schedule for the live audience:

  • Friday, July 22, 2022 – Upper Bracket Final & Lower Bracket Semifinal.
  • Saturday, July 23, 2022 – Lower Bracket Final.
  • Sunday, July 24, 2022 – Grand Finals.

The tickets for the same would go live on July 1 at 10 AM CEST. You can book your tickets here. You can read more about the event and ticketing here. The forum arena has a total capacity of 18500 people and is situated at the heart of Copenhagen, with public transits available to reach the arena.

With the event details already out, Tournament details are yet to be disclosed, but most likely, the format would be similar to the last Masters. 

The twelve teams qualified for VCT Masters Copenhagen region-wise would be:

Europe, Middle East and Africa: 


Fnatic has made a statement in the current VCT EMEA Challengers, where the remained undefeated throughout the tournament, only losing three maps in the tournament run. After defeating FPX yesterday, They became EMEA’s top seed and champions. They would surely be a tournament favourite coming in VCT Masters. 

FunPlus Phoenix

FPX were denied their Master’s spot last time due to the VISA issues, and they had to settle with the circuit points. FPX, this time will come with a vengeance to make up for the missed chance. They have had an impressive run in the VCT EMEA Challengers, where they only lost to the top seed Fnatic in the playoffs and were the only team to take a map away from Fnatic.


Guild made waves coming to the Playoffs by defeating the likes of Liquid and M3 Champions(Ex-Gambit). Guild proved themselves worthy of the qualification. They were the first team from EMEA to qualify but could not close the tournament losing to Fnatic and FPX to drop to the third seed. 

North America:


XSET has been a constant force in NA Valorant. They had a really strong group stage run, but in the playoffs, they lost to Optic in the Upper Finals to be dropped into the lower bracket but defeating Faze, they qualified for VCT Masters Copenhagen. In the Finals, they beat Optic Gaming to become the top NA teams coming into VCT Masters Copenhagen.

Optic Gaming

The defending Champions Of Masters, Optic Gaming, had a strong tournament run and became the first team to qualify for the VCT Masters Copenhagen. Unfortunately, they lost to Optic and would have to battle through the VCT Masters Group Stage to make it to the playoffs.

Asia Pacific:

Paper Rex

Paper Rex were undeniable top seeds of VCT APAC from the start, Defeating the likes of Team Secret, Xerxia and Bleed. Paper Rex displayed absolute domination throughout their run, In the APAC Qualifiers and the APAC Challengers, winning the series with ease. They were unfortunately defeated by the ZETA division in the quarter-finals last Masters and would come to win it all this time.

XERXIA Esports

XERXIA once again became the second seed from APAC and managed to do so by defeating Team Secret in the lower Finals of VCT APAC Challengers. Xerxia, despite the strong group, managed to impact the scene and lot and would make a deeper run this time.



VCT Masters Copenhagen would be Northeption’s first international event. The team started their journey through open qualifiers and fought through the group stage and the Playoffs to reach the finals against ZETA Division. Where the managed to defeat ZETA 3-1 to become the JP representative at Copenhagen. 



DRX (prev. Vision Strikers) have looked league apart from their peers in the current VCT Korea Challengers. The team had an unbeaten run with an impressive 186/98 win-loss difference in the group stage and managed to win the playoffs without dropping a single map. They would surely be a force to reckon with at VCT Masters Copenhagen.



The only other team to match DRX’s regional dominance must be Loud in Brazil, where they won the group stage and the playoffs without dropping a single map. In the series, they won two BO5s, only letting the opposition reach a double-digit score once in the finals. They fell one short in the finals and would be tournament favourites.



Leviatan came into the VCT LATAM Playoffs as the second seed from the south after KRU Esports lost their opening game against Fusion. In the lower Brackets, Leviatan becomes stronger to defeat Lazer, Fusion and KRU to win the LATAM playoffs and qualify for VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

Only one team out of NiP and KRU would qualify for the VCT Masters to complete all the playing teams. VCT South America Last Chance would be played on June 30, where one of the teams would become the last team to qualify for the VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

VCT Masters Copenhagen would start on July 10 with the group stage, where the teams would be divided into two groups, and two teams from each group would make it to the playoffs. All the stages would be double-elimination type, thus giving a buffer of one loss to all the teams. 

More details regarding the same will be announced shortly. 

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