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Paper Rex Valorant Qualifies for VCT Masters Copenhagen

Earlier today, at the Valorant Champions Tour APAC Challengers, the MY/SG #1 Paper Rex overhauled Team Secret to qualify for the VCT Masters Copenhagen. While in the Lower Round 3 saw Xerxia Esports made to Lower Final, defeating ONIC G and Bleed. 

The third day of VCT APAC Challengers started with the Indonesian top seed taking on the second seed Alter Ego.

The match started on ONIC G’s Haven, where ONIC G had a rough start on offense but managed to completely shut down Alter Ego’s attack to win their map pick 13-8. Alter  Ego, with a vengeance, completely dominated their map pick of Fracture, winning the map 13-4, forcing a decider map. 

The Decider Ascent started well for ONIC G, where they put on a strong fortress on Ascent, winning the first half 8-4. Alter Ego on defense could not do the same, losing the game 6-13. With this, ONIC G eliminated Alter Ego and stayed in the tournament. 

Thai #1 Xerxia took on MY/SG #2 Bleed in the day’s second game. Bleed started the first half on Haven with a disadvantage after losing the half 4-8, But the Bleed managed to overwhelm Xerxia’s defense to comeback from 4-8 to win the game 13-11.

On the second map of Fracture, Xerxia’s pick. Xerxia dominated Bleed by letting them only win five rounds to win the map 13-5, forcing the third map.

On Icebox, The first half was a battle of tooth and nail, with both teams winning six rounds each. In the second half, with Xerxia on attack seemed to falter, letting Bleed reach to map and match point in the 21st round.

But Xerxia displayed absolute resilience, winning five rounds in a row to win the map 14-12 and the game 2-1, eliminating Bleed. 

The third and the match for the slot in VCT Masters Copenhagen, the undefeated MY/SG #1 Paper Rex, took on Filipino#1 Team Secret. The game started on Team Secret’s map pick of Ascent, where despite the constant tussle, Paper Rex came on top with a slight edge, winning the first half 7-5. 

On defense, Paper Rex completely shut down all the attempts by Team Secret to attack, eventually winning the first map 13-7. 

In the second map, Bind, Spearheaded by the attacking duo of f0rsakeN and Jinggg, the APAC super team completely decimated the Team Secret defense to win the first half 10-2.

On defense, Paper Rex attacked and overwhelmed Team Secret to close out the second map 13-2, winning the match 2-0 to become the first APAC representative at VCT Masters Copenhagen. 

This would be Paper Rex’s second international appearance, and they would surely make another impressive run in the tournament.

The finals game of the day saw Xerxia taking on ONIC G for the spot in the Lower bracket finals. On ONIC G’s map pick of breeze, Xerxia found success attacking and won the first half 8-4.

Despite a shaky start to the second start, Xerxia managed to reset themselves to win four rounds in a row to win the map 13-8.

On Icebox, Xerxia’s attack penetrated ONIC G’s defense constantly. ONIC G failed to find any answer to them losing the first half of the map 1-11. The second half started well for ONIC G, but the round deficit bit them when they lost to Xerxia 5-13.

With this, Xerxia won the game 2-0 and would now face Team Secret tomorrow in the Lower Bracket Finals for the second APAC slot in VCT Masters Berlin. 

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