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VCT EMEA Last Chance Qualifier: Schedule and Results

The Valorant Champions Tour EMEA Last Chance Qualifier is a battle for the last EMEA spot at Valorant Champions, along with the two teams through circuit points. 

The two teams who qualifier through circuit points are FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic,

To remind you, LCQ or Last Chance Qualifiers are the regional tournaments between the region’s top eight or top 10 teams, out of which one team wins a chance to represent their region at Valorant Champions.

For the EMEA region, the teams which would play the VCT EMEA LCQ would be as follows:

  • G2 Esports ( hoody, Meddo, Mixwell, AvovA, nukkye)
  • M3 Champions(Redgar, Sheydos, nAts, Chronicle, Jady)
  • Team Liquid (Jamppi, Nivera, soulcas, Scream, Dimasick)
  • Guild Esports(Sayf, Koldamenta, Trexx, Leo, Yacine)
  • Natus Vincere( Cloud, zeddy, dinkzj, 7ssk7, duno)
  • BBL Esports (Turko, Arslan, aimDLL, Qutionerx, CyderX, Muj)
  • Ascend (MONSTEERR, vakk, cNed, starxo, L1Nk)
  • OG LDN UTD (Boo, feqew, Destrian, MOLSI, hype)

These teams would battle it out in a Double Elimination bracket tournament. Only one of these eight teams would book their ticket to Instanbul Turkey to attend the Valorant Champions as the EMEA representatives. 

The action kicks off on August 7th at 04:00 PM, with the exact schedule yet to be announced. The top-seeded team in the points table would play the last-seeded team, while the second would play eight.



Day 1 – 7th August: Upper Bracket  ROUND 1
4:00 PM CESTG2 Esports02OG LDN UTD
6:00 PM CESTM3 Champions21Acend
Day 2 – 8th August: Upper Bracket ROUND 1
4:00 PM CESTTeam Liquid20BBL Esports
6:00 PM CESTGuild Esports12Natus Vincere
Day 3 – 9th August: Lower Bracket ROUND 1
4:00 PM CESTG2 EsportsAcend
7:00 PM CESTBBL EsportsGuild Esports
Day 4 – 10th August: Upper Bracket ROUND 2
4:00 PM CESTOG LDN UTDM3 Champions
7:00 PM CESTTeam LiquidNatus Vincere
Day 5 – 11th August: Lower Bracket ROUND 2
4:00 PM CESTMatch 1
7:00 PM CESTMatch 2
Day 5 – 13th August
2:00 PM CESTUpper Finals
5:00 PM CESTLower Bracket Round 3
8:00 PM CESTLower Bracket Finals
Day 6 – 14th August
4:00 PM CESTGrand Finals

All the matches would be online and streamed on Valorant’s Youtube and Twitch Channels, Along with many other streamers hosting Watch parties for the same. One such fun watch party would be Average Jonas’s twitch, with him streaming the games and having fun. While Boaster, Lothar, and Sliggy would all be informative and fun to watch parties.

Stay tuned as we will bring you more on LCQs from other regions. 

What does EMEA stand for?

  • EMEA is a short hand designation used for Europe, Middle East and Africa
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